About Me

Meet Priscilla.

10991697_10152882420493122_6169837149878871034_o1.    I  was born in Milton.  Raised in Hamilton.  And now call
Cambridge my home.
2.   Favourite Food?  Chocolate.  Is that a food?  And pad
3.   Coffee or Tea?  Definitely  coffee.  I cannot function
without it.
4.   I  have a few nicknames my friends and family like to
call me:  P,  Prill,  Pris,  Cilla, Silly,  and my not-so-
favourite,…  Prissy.
5.   Guilty Pleasure?  Justin Bieber and The Bachelor
6.   What I cannot live without.  My family and my Canon 5D Mark III. Oh,… and  coffee.
7.   Favourite season?  AUTUMN!  The crisp air, leaves
changing colour, Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice latte, HALLOWEEN,  need I say more?!  I love it ALL!!
8.    Cat or Dog?  Dog. have a 7 year old morkie (1/2 yorkie, 1/2 maltese) named Bentley.
10.  Coffee.


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“There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story.”